How your money is being spent on your stone project ?

With the economic downturn, there is no doubt that consumers are watching their pennies.  New construction has been replaced with remodeling; thus cutting corners to add value to most homes is an expectation.  The internet has become a valuable research tool within this economic environment and an educated consumer is a smart consumer.  However, shopping around for the cheapest price may save you some money initially but can end up costing you much more in the long run.  We want you to know how your project is being priced.  Quality materials and experienced craftsmanship are the foundation of your purchase.  The project is generally broken down into four categories: materials, labor, installation, and profit.

Your material makes up approximately 15-25% of your final price.  When finding an M&G Partner, make sure the material is purchased at a reputable distributor that will stand behind its product with integrity.  Readily available stones such as Ubatuba tend to make up the lower portion of this percentage.  There are an abundance of these quarries, therefore making it accessible by any distributor and retailer such as Home Depot and Lowes.   Unfortunately, there is much less quality control; giving some distributors an open door to lower standards.  The next level of materials such as Blue Pearl and Soapstone are not found in such high quantities, creating more control on reliability.  Exotic stones such as Azul Bahia and the Concetto line from Caesarstone comprised of semi-precious stones are rare and carefully chosen.  Marble and Granite, Inc. prides itself on serving the industry with First quality, hand picked material.  With full time buyers in Italy and Brazil, there are people dedicated to locating materials which then go through a series of approvals before being purchased.  When selecting a wholesaler, find out if they pull out your actual slabs with a knowledgeable sales representative in a safe, clean, well-lit environment.  Being an indoor facility such as Marble and Granite Inc. allows for a prime opportunity to hand pick the stone for your personal project.

How can I get the total area for my kitchen?

Most of customers want know the price for their kitchen before they cross by the kitchen shop. But how to caculate the price ,that is a problem. Before getting the price,we should get the area,because all the shops caculate price base on area (SQF).Read this ,you will know how to do that by yourself.

Normally, there are 3 kinds of shape kitchen.But for the area, that is the same way:length*width/144.(inch)FAQ1

Here is the example as left:112*21/144=area.For 1 piece,same as the other one,adding them together will be your kitchen area.

How can i pay in Greatstar Marble Corp ?

When you shop in Greatstar Marble Corp. You will get the payment schedule.Check below, you will know how much you need prepare for the order!!

Payment Schedule as follow:

For Order and Delivery only:

50% down payment when order

50% final due upon delivery

For Counter Top Installation:

50% down payment when order

50% final due upon completion

For Cabinet &Counter Top Installation:

50% down payment when order

40% more upon completion of cabinets

10% final upon completion of granite

Labor makes up a significant portion of your quote.  Here is where the specific details which personalize your job are calculated.  Edge profile, polishing, sink cutouts, backsplash, and waste are some examples of this.  Utilizing CNC and polishing machines helps to produce higher volume and downsize overall cost by cutting back on manpower.   Others rely on experienced craftsman to complete the process by hand from start to finish.  Shop overhead cost is another contributing factor to variation in price.  Staying compliant with OSHA guidelines and providing their employees with insurance reflects the founding principles of the fabricator. Some companies employ experienced staff to help in the design process and help see you through any problems that may arise.

As with labor, installation is another considerable portion of the overall cost.  This process begins with the template and ends with the final details of the installation.  Paying a premium to ensure you have a reliable installer is worth the money.  Having the same person template and install helps maximize the communication and minimize the return trips back to the job site.   Fully insured subcontractors and installers are critical to the completion of your job, providing coverage while working in your home. Important details such as perfect seams, proper sealing and final instructions on care and maintenance  help prolong the beauty of your investment.

The final component of the price is profit.  There are many reasons a job must produce profit other than simply making money.  A quality fabricator not only deals with a reputable distributor, they provide a safe workplace for their employees.  Companies which do this are financially stable and also practice safety according to OSHA guidelines.  A shop that meets all these requirements is much more likely to treat your project in the same respect.

Knowing how your money is being spent from start to finish will help protect your investment.  From personally selecting your First quality material at Marble and Granite, Inc.  with an educated representative, to the final details of your installation, you as a consumer should feel excited and confident about your decision.  Remember, you get what you pay for.



How To Remove Deep Stains ?

Forgot to seal and now you have a deep, stubborn oil-based stain on your stone? A natural stone poultice will wick up the stain and restore your stone back to its original condition.

Items needed • StoneTech 3 Oz. Oil Stain Remover • Tool to mix & apply poultice (plastic or wood spatula) • Tool to remove poultice (brush) • Mineral spirits

Instructions 1)    Always test in a small inconspicuous area to determine that the desired results will be  achieved. 2)    Make sure surface is clean, dry and free of waxes and coatings. 3)    Using a plastic or wood spatula, stir poultice thoroughly to mix. 4)    Apply a 1/4” thick layer of paste to the stain. Insure that the paste  extends at least 1”-2”  beyond      the edge of the stain. 5)    Do not cover. 6)    Allow 48-72 hours for paste to completely dry to a powder. 7)    Sweep up powder with a dry brush and discard powder. 8)    Allow poultice to completely dry from the stone. 9)    If stain is not completely gone after drying, repeat process. 10)  Clean up residue and tools with mineral spirits. 11)  To prevent future staining, reseal the area with a sealer designed for stone. We recommend using StoneTech 24Oz. Natural Stone sealer. 12)  Regularly clean surface with a neutral, maintenance cleaner formulated for stone. We recommend using StoneTech Revitalizer.

Note:Above instructions are for reference purposes only. Please follow label directions on back of actual product.

L shpe kitchen.


Add all sides length together= Length. Example as up picture.

(74 1/2+139)*26/144=Area.

U shape kitchen.


The same way as the L shape, just one more side.

(74 1/2+139+79 3/4)*26/144=Area

After getting the area,base on different price granite,you can get the different price.

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