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Welcome to Greatstar Marble Corp. Our company is one of the leading fabricator for prefabricated granite slabs in GTA Canada. Since we had been opened,we have guranteed our customers:”Do the best job but the better job”. So you can choose us without any puzzled and doubt–Trust us,trust you !Our top priority is your satisfaction.

No job is too big or too small for us.We will work with your space and budget to find the perfect solution. With each job, our reputation is on the line. Therefore, no job is complete until you are 100% satisfied.

We utilize the most sophisticated equipment with conventional production process to achieve the best quality. We are importing first-class material to satisfy the most discriminating tastes. We are dedicated to offering unparalleled quality, knowledge, and service, to designers, architects, fabricators and discerning homeowners .

We offer a wide range of products related to natural stone fabrication. From kitchen countertops, through vanity tops, jacuzzi to fireplace surrounds – our products are always fabricated with the up most precision and quality. Our knowledgeable sales staff is always ready to guide you through the stone selection process.

Our experience

We take price match for new bussiness open! Guarantee you the best price,best quality! We can do better for you!


Every step we will take together, we will hold your hand till we get your sanctification. When you make order, you can get the order documents formally. We will finish the job strictly as the agreement we do.

We are not only the fabricator but also the supplier of the granite slabs, so we have more space on price competition than other fabricator.


Owner here has already been in this field for almost 10 years. Every case he did has been finished in a kind of perfect condition.

We have never closed file until we get your satisfaction. We will always be here for you!





Kitchen - 9 years
Bathroom - 8 years
Consulting - 5 years
Design - 5 years
Customer Satisfaction - 100%
Services & products
What you should know before you buy

An excellent choice for kitchen countertops, floors, and other heavily used surfaces. Granite is an igneous rock, which means it was once molten and formed as it cooled deep within the earth. Minerals within granite typically appear as small flecks throughout the stone.

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How your money is being spent on your stone project

With the economic downturn, there is no doubt that consumers are watching their pennies.  New construction has been replaced with remodeling; thus cutting corners to add value to most homes is an expectation.  The internet has become a valuable research tool within this economic environment and an educated consumer is a smart consumer.

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How To Remove Deep Stains

Forgot to seal and now you have a deep, stubborn oil-based stain on your stone? A natural stone poultice will wick up the stain and restore your stone back to its original condition.

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Our philosophy

At Greatstar Marble Corp., we truly care about our customers and believe that all work is built on good relationships. Your opinion is quite precious for us! We couldn’t do the fantastic job without you! So let’s do the fabulous job together! If you have necessary, please notice us! Or you can check our project process as below. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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